Fastest way to deploy AnzoGraph DB is with Docker
Learn About All Deployment Options
Pull AnzoGraph DB from Docker hub or copy the command below to install
docker run -d -p 80:8080 -p 443:8443 --name=anzograph cambridgesemantics/anzograph:latest
Go to https://<host_ip_address> and log in with admin/Passw0rd1. Learn more
Learn more about installing AnzoGraph on Docker.
Need more? Upgrade for free anytime from within AnzoGraph DB! Click upgrade license button on Management Console and choose from the options. You can also view more options on AnzoGraph Editions.
AnzoGraph DB Free Edition
Upgrade your unregistered 8 GB license to 16 GB
AnzoGraph perpetual license with complete suite of analytical functions
Single server instance
16GB RAM allocation with registration
Free for personal, development & commercial use within an application
No resale or standalone license distribution
Community support via Stack Overflow
AnzoGraph DB Enterprise Edition
Test scale and performance on a cluster for 60 days free
Single to multi-server cluster deployment
All enterprise features
Unlimited - 1 Trillion Triples tested
Ultra-fast Data Loading & Query - More than hundred times faster than other leading vendors
Full Support